Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocab With Detail 15/10/2020

Vocab : Intemperate (Adjective) असंयमी

Definition : having or showing a lack of self-control; immoderate.

Sentence : "intemperate outbursts concerning global conspiracies"


Vocab : Mock (Verb) दिखावटी

Definition : tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.

Sentence : "opposition MPs mocked the government's decision"


Vocab : Jibe (Noun) हंसी

Definition : an insulting or mocking remark; a taunt.

Sentence : "a jibe at his old rivals"


Vocab : Accusation (Noun) आरोप

Definition : a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong.

Sentence : "accusations of bribery"


Vocab : Disgraceful (Adjective) शर्मनाक

Definition : shockingly unacceptable.

Sentence : "a disgraceful waste of money"


Vocab : Purported (Adjective) कथित

Definition : appearing or stated to be true, though not necessarily so; alleged.

Sentence : "the purported marriage was void"


Vocab : Derision (Noun) उपहास

Definition : contemptuous ridicule or mockery.

Sentence : "my stories were greeted with derision and disbelief"


Vocab : Explosive (Adjective) विस्फोटक

Definition : able or likely to shatter violently or burst apart.

Sentence : "an explosive device"


Vocab : Defamatory (Adjective) अपवादक

Definition : (of remarks, writing, etc.) damaging the good reputation of someone; slanderous or libellous.

Sentence : "a defamatory allegation"


Vocab : Secularism (Noun) धर्मनिरपेक्षता

Definition : the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions.

Sentence : "he believes that secularism means no discrimination against anybody in the name of religion"


Vocab : Incite (Verb) उत्तेजित

Definition : encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behaviour).

Sentence : "they conspired to incite riots"


Vocab : Spectacle (Noun) तमाशा

Definition : a visually striking performance or display.

Sentence : "the acrobatic feats make a good spectacle"


Vocab : Belief  (Noun) धारणा

Definition : an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

Sentence : "his belief in extraterrestrial life"


Vocab : Derogatory (Adjective) अपमानजनक

Definition : showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

Sentence : "she tells me I'm fat and is always making derogatory remarks"


Vocab : Scorn (Noun) घिन आना

Definition : a feeling and expression of contempt or disdain for someone or something.

Sentence : "I do not wish to become the object of scorn"


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