Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocab With Detail 28/12/2020

Vocab : Tortuous (Adjective) कपटपूर्ण

Definition : full of twists and turns.

Sentence : "the route is remote and tortuous"


Vocab : Contention (Noun) विवाद

Definition : heated disagreement.

Sentence : "the captured territory was the main area of contention between the two countries"


Vocab : Unflinching (Adjective) बेहिचक

Definition : not showing fear or hesitation in the face of danger or difficulty.

Sentence : "he has shown unflinching determination throughout the campaign"


Vocab : Pertinent (Adjective) उचित

Definition : relevant or applicable to a particular matter; apposite.

Sentence : "she asked me a lot of very pertinent questions"


Vocab : Bungle (Verb) घपला

Definition : carry out (a task) clumsily or incompetently.

Sentence : "he bungled his first attempt to manage a group of professional players"


Vocab : Eloquent (Adjective) सुवक्ता

Definition : fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.

Sentence : "an eloquent speech"


Vocab : Rapture (Noun) उत्साह

Definition : a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.

Sentence : "Leonora listened with rapture"


Vocab : Courtly (Adjective) सभ्य

Definition : very polite or refined, as befitting a royal court.

Sentence : "he gave a courtly bow"


Vocab : Rigorous (Adjective) कठिन

Definition : extremely thorough and careful.

Sentence : "the rigorous testing of consumer products"


Vocab : Dire (Adjective) भयानक

Definition : extremely serious or urgent.

Sentence : "misuse of drugs can have dire consequences"


Vocab : Bolster (Verb) सिलेंडर

Definition : support or strengthen.

Sentence : "the fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence"


Vocab : Condone (Verb) माफ करना

Definition : accept (behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive).

Sentence : "the college cannot condone any behaviour that involves illicit drugs"


Vocab : Adhere (Verb) पालन ​​करना

Definition : stick fast to (a surface or substance).

Sentence : "paint won't adhere well to a greasy surface"


Vocab : Exculpate (Verb) सफ़ाई देना

Definition : show or declare that (someone) is not guilty of wrongdoing.

Sentence : "the article exculpated the mayor"


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