Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocab With Detail 03/01/2021

Vocab : Inadvertent (Adjective) बेपरवाह

Definition : not resulting from or achieved through deliberate planning.

Sentence : "an inadvertent administrative error occurred that resulted in an overpayment"


Vocab : Venomous (Adjective) विषैला

Definition : (of a person or their behaviour) full of malice or spite.

Sentence : "she replied with a venomous glance"


Vocab : Disrupt (Verb) बाधित

Definition : interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.

Sentence : "flooding disrupted rail services"


Vocab : Sagacious (Adjective) मेधावी

Definition : having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement; wise or shrewd.

Sentence : "they were sagacious enough to avoid any outright confrontation"


Vocab : Startle (Verb) डराना

Definition : cause to feel sudden shock or alarm.

Sentence : "a sudden sound in the doorway startled her"


Vocab : Glorious (Adjective) यशस्वी

Definition : having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration.

Sentence : "the most glorious victory of all time"


Vocab : Improper (Adjective) अनुचित

Definition : not in accordance with accepted standards, especially of morality or honesty.

Sentence : "the improper use of public funds"


Vocab : Hesit (Noun) चोरी

Definition : a robbery.

Sentence : "a diamond heist"


Vocab : Beginner (Noun) शुरुआती

Definition : a person just starting to learn a skill or take part in an activity.

Sentence : "a beginner's guide"


Vocab : Compatible (Adjective) संगत

Definition : (of two things) able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.

Sentence : "the careers structure here is not compatible with having a family"


Vocab : Fallow (Verb) परती

Definition : leave (land) fallow for a period.

Sentence : "fallow the ground for a week or so after digging"


Vocab : Fraught (Adjective) भरा हुआ

Definition : (of a situation or course of action) filled with or likely to result in (something undesirable).

Sentence : "marketing any new product is fraught with danger"


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