Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocab With Detail 08/03/2021

Vocab : Perceive (Verb) समझना

Definition : become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.

Sentence : "his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth"


Vocab : Humiliation (Noun) निरादर

Definition : the action of humiliating someone or the state of being humiliated.

Sentence : "they suffered the humiliation of losing in the opening round"


Vocab : Ascendancy (Noun) प्रभुत्व

Definition : occupation of a position of dominant power or influence.

Sentence : "the ascendancy of good over evil"


Vocab : Strife (Noun) कलह

Definition : angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict.

Sentence : "strife within the community"


Vocab : Fraternity (Noun) भ्रातृत्व

Definition : a group of people sharing a common profession or interests.

Sentence : "members of the hunting fraternity"


Vocab : Tumult (Noun) कोलाहल

Definition : a loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people.

Sentence : "a tumult of shouting and screaming broke out"


Vocab : Demolish (Verb) ध्वस्त

Definition : pull or knock down (a building).

Sentence : "the house was demolished to make way for the shopping centre"


Vocab : Conciliation (Noun) समझौता

Definition : the action of stopping someone being angry; placation.

Sentence : "he held his hands up in a gesture of conciliation"


Vocab : Conquest (Noun) विजय

Definition : the subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people by military force.

Sentence : "the conquest of the Aztecs by the Spanish"


Vocab : Tranquility (Noun) शांति

Definition : the quality or state of being tranquil; calm.

Sentence : "passing cars are the only noise that disturbs the tranquillity of rural life"


Vocab : Manifest (Adjective) प्रकट

Definition : clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

Sentence : "her manifest charm and proven ability"


Vocab : Adherence (Noun) अनुपालन

Definition : attachment or commitment to a person, cause, or belief.

Sentence : "a strict adherence to etiquette"


Vocab : Denote (Verb) निरूपित

Definition : be a sign of; indicate.

Sentence : "this mark denotes purity and quality"


Vocab : Community (Noun) समुदाय

Definition : a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

Sentence : "Montreal's Italian community"


Vocab : Collective (Adjective) सामूहिक

Definition : done by people acting as a group.

Sentence : "a collective protest"


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