Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocab With Detail 26/03/2021

Vocab : Asymmetry (Noun) विषमता

Definition : lack of equality or equivalence between parts or aspects of something; lack of symmetry.

Sentence : "there was an asymmetry between the right and left ears"


Vocab : Forbearance (Noun) सहनशीलता

Definition : patient self-control; restraint and tolerance.

Sentence : "his unfailing courtesy and forbearance under great provocation"


Vocab : Intransigent (Adjective) सैद्धांतिक

Definition : unwilling or refusing to change one's views or to agree about something.

Sentence : "her father had tried persuasion, but she was intransigent"


Vocab : Concomitant (Adjective) सहगामी

Definition : naturally accompanying or associated.

Sentence : "she loved travel, with all its concomitant worries"


Vocab : Enormity (Noun) दुष्टता

Definition : the great or extreme scale, seriousness, or extent of something perceived as bad or morally wrong.

Sentence : "a thorough search disclosed the full enormity of the crime"


Vocab : Hegemony (Noun) नायकत्व

Definition : leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others.

Sentence : "Germany was united under Prussian hegemony after 1871"


Vocab : Jinx (Verb) बदकिस्मती

Definition : bring bad luck to; cast an evil spell on.

Sentence : "the play is jinxed"


Vocab : Pauper (Noun) कंगाल

Definition : a very poor person.

Sentence : "he died a pauper"


Vocab : Trepidation (Noun) घबराहट

Definition : a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen.

Sentence : "the men set off in fear and trepidation"


Vocab : Impotent (Adjective) नपुंसक

Definition : unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.

Sentence : "he was seized with an impotent anger"


Vocab : Finicky (Adjective) नकचढ़ा

Definition : (of a person) fussy about their needs or requirements.

Sentence : "a finicky eater"


Vocab : Abolition (Noun) उन्मूलन

Definition : the action of abolishing a system, practice, or institution.

Sentence : "the abolition of the death penalty"


Vocab : Nefarious (Adjective) कुटिल

Definition : (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.

Sentence : "the nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates"


Vocab : Apex (Noun) सर्वोच्च

Definition : the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point.

Sentence : "the apex of the roof"


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